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One of my personal favourites was Fred Adam’s Feraferia, who ‘…wanted to create some institution that would emphasis a paradisial way of life…’ and ‘…combine a sense faery with service to nature.’ They’re all vegetarians. Also, a solid shout out to the Church of All Worlds, inspired by Stranger in a Strange Land. Adler had an entire chapter devoted to the influence of science fiction and fantasy on neo-paganism, as well as the genres’ extensive systematic exploration of neo-paganism itself. Adler’s background in journalism and her personal experiences with the occult combined perfectly into a history that’s objective and meticulously researched while remaining engaging and personal. It’s packed full of descriptions of pagan groups, both past and present; origins of the occult in America; interesting historical interludes; and huge appendices full of even more resources. Adler’s “Drawing Down the Moon” is a fantastic anthropological overview of Neo-pagan religions in the United States since the 1970s.

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In 1957, four years after its world premiere, Waiting for Godot was staged for one night only at the San Quentin State Prison in California. Herbert Blau with the San Francisco Actor’s Workshop directed the production. Beckett later gave Rick Cluchey, a former prisoner from San Quentin, financial and moral support over a period of many years.

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The cover made me initially think this was some sort of mystical book. In a way, it is, although the main story is about Ricky and Kada as they make their way across the U.S. to find answers to why Kada’s boyfriend was murdered. However, much of their conversations revolve around relationship and various concepts of religion. Even though some of them felt a little drawn out, I enjoyed reading the story and the emotions behind it. I went to college with Joe, although it would not be accurate to say I knew him. What I remember most about Joe was that he was smarter and more clever than the rest of us.

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I was also very excited that she said she’d talk about how diverse the Pagan community was, but all she did was mention Voudoun and Santeria a few times before only ever quoting and studying white people. That was kind of a bummer, and really only sort of enforced the idea that people of color aren’t involved. The educational organization of the rest of the book, such as each chapter focusing on a specific type of magic, highly resembles the format of most standard Witchcraft 101 books. A pagan without a Classics background could easily pick up the book and understand the material with few issues. Overall, it is a well-researched tome which clearly defines magic, the types of magic practiced by the ancients, and how to differentiate religious and magical beliefs in the ancient world.

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It’s true, she did update the book in the 2000s, but most of the information in the bulk of her chapters was from the seventies with only minor updates at the end about how things were totally different now. I feel like as highly as this book was recommended, there really needs to be something similar done that truly is modern, not from decades ago. I didn’t know much of anything about pagan religions before I read this book, mainly because I am from a particularly conservative part of the country and there are very few groups of this type around. It’s hard to get to know people if there aren’t any to talk to.

First written in the late 1970s, republished twice with updates. You’ll end up the book feeling way more prepared and it will be easier to understand what and who (there are many names quoted, important and “not”, but as much fascinating) other texts or people are talking about. Last but not least, all this knowledge you’ve received will feel as a result of a long conversation with a friend. Margot Adler has a wonderful and funny voice, even with a sometimes difficult and intricate topic like this. Like a good survey book, it introduces a ton of pagan traditions. There’s Wicca, the [more-or-less] traditional British tradition.

Of course, if Azure Ray prove as productive now as they were eight years ago, we may not have to wait very long for such revelations. Listening to these songs, it’s like the last six years have been erased; Fink and Taylor pick up right where they left off, building on the spare arrangements and hushed vocals that have always defined their sound. Eric Bachmann even returns to produce the album, making him the unofficial third Ray. In a niche now crowded with similar harmony acts like the Watson Twins and the Chapin Sisters, Azure Ray still sound idiosyncratic, eschewing pop-historical settings for quietly, almost casually innovative arrangements.

It’s important to get the most currently updated version. I found the references section to be one of the most useful. It’s not a “how to” book, or a B.O.S, it’s more of a social study of paganism, the culture, history, beliefs, etc… It’s definitely a worthwhile read, but it can be a difficult read.

Speaking of which, I’ve been recently drawn to this topic through its current trendiness/revival and I’ve been struggling to know which titles will scratch that itch. I think I’m mostly interested in the history of witchcraft, folklore, and the occult over the how-to books. So it feels a little bittersweet that I’ve finished this one since I’m starting to suspect it’s one of a kind.

But as the friend who had recommended this book reminded me, Drawing Down the Moon was created in the years before the existence of the internet. It was intended not just to explain what these groups were, but also operated as a catalog of sorts, for readers who were looking for the right path for themselves. Margot Adler talks to adherents in different traditions all across the United States, and a few in Europe, in order to banish some of the mystery and misconceptions surrounding neo-pagan groups. Attached is an evocative exploration of attachment theory, and encourages readers to consider their own relationships in a way they’ve never tried before. That song stands out primarily because it sounds new, like something the Azure Ray of 2003 wouldn’t have done. But such moments are rare on Drawing Down the Moon, which wants merely to pick up where Hold On Love left off.

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