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Most of the modern RVs have an inlet to the black tank called a black tank flush. It is a port designed to flush out any filth that is refusing to slide out of the tank. Just hold a hose to the port and let the water do its work. To ensure clean, safe drinking water for RVing, perhaps invest in an in-line water filter for your RV that can remove most contaminants and bacteria. Sometimes water spigots are at the visitors center. If not, simply ask and a ranger will likely direct you to one.

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Just a big gravel area but good for an overnight stay. We were considering having breakfast there the next morning to thank them for being so nice but they opened to late, we would be on the road for 2 hours by then. Always let the water run for a bit at the spigot of a fresh water source before connecting the hose. There are three basic RV hookups that take care of the “essentials,” and a few extras that may or may not be offered depending on the poshness of the campground you visit.

A heated water hose is designed to deliver a modest amount of electricity to maintain above-freezing temperatures throughout its whole length, allowing water to flow. Check out the Related Reading articles at the end of this article to learn more about water hoses and water filters. You can also save gray water from dishes, by draining pasta, washing hands, and more and use that to flush rather than using fresh water from the tank. Screw the other end of the hose into the campground water supply hookup.

Aside from the hookups, many high end RV parks provide other amenities such as cable TV and WiFi. Some RVers carry a “blue boy,” or small wagon that you can fill with black or gray water and take to the dump station. Other parks utilize a “honey wagon” that comes by your site once a week or so and dumps your tank for a fee. Often called shore power, electric hookups can either be 15, 30 or 50 amp.

Fresh / Waste Water Tank Container – 80 Litre Capacity Motorhome / Camper Van RV

Even if you are not staying the night, most national park campgrounds will let you pull in and take on water. After all, you did pay the entrance fee to be in the park. What most of those boondockers don’t realize is that the Midwest, and Missouri in particular, have loads of hidden gems waiting to be explored. Outside of the major cities, the Show-Me State has some spectacular wildernesses to enjoy. Lake of the Ozarks is the most well-known, but it can get busy. There are plenty of other parks, forests, and lakes where you can go for a weekend of boondocking.

What Are RV Hookups?

In order to draw water from the tank to your faucets, the system is also equipped with a water pump. Most people also use water pressure regulators if hooked up to city water, and many people have RV water filtration systems. Cable television and telephone hookups are sometimes provided at deluxe RV parks, particularly those that serve long-term travelers who stay one or more months.

Some long-term parks can allow you to hard wire the Cable TV to your rig. If you are staying long term, you may have to call the cable company to get your service hooked up. We have a mobile antenna system that is very easy to hook up and use at our different campsites so we don’t normally utilize any cable provided. The Acuva UV-LED Water Purification System isn’t cheap, but it will ensure that you have clean safe drinking water. I keep the Elbow, regulator and filter connected to each other. That way when I arrive at camp I just have-to connect the elbow to the city water port and the hose to the bottom of the filter.

The last piece of the water system puzzle is a Brass Hose Elbow. This connects to the city water port on your camper and allows the hose to hang straight down. It reduces the leverage created by hanging a hose straight out, and it lowers the chance of the hose kinking or getting damaged by someone walking by. Your hose will screw on to the city water port, but the fresh water fill (aka. gravity fill port) will usually be a larger opening that the hose just slides into. That way you can also use jugs of water to fill your tank if a hose isn’t nearby.

Doing this means that you can empty both connections at all times instead of having to do one or the other. Water is provided from a spigot, also at your site. Be sure to use a verified dedicated drinking water hose and not a garden hose that can contain harmful chemicals. The water from the spigot goes to your sinks, shower, toilet, etc. in your rig. Some campsites offer full hookups which include water, sewer, and electricity. Others only offer partial hookups which could include just water, or maybe just water and electricity.

Now, when you turn on the hot water valve on your faucets or shower, your RV plumbing system pulls water directly from the water heater tank. Typically, the plumbing of an RV toilet is pretty straightforward. If you’re trying to fill your ldsplanet com unblock tank but need to tend to other responsibilities setting up your campsite, now worries, we’ve got you covered. Our lockable hatch features a swinging port door that allows you to run a water hose through the door while it is closed.

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