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When I begin working in community ministry, I need to make sure that I am in a space that embraces people like myself. As DNA testing increases, more and more people realize that they are part of the B’nei Anusim or the descendants of forced Jewish converts. It has led to a tidal wave of returns/conversions, which is wonderful news. I sincerely believe that people returning to their Jewish heritage is part of the vital work that is decolonizing religion. I feel strongly that this process is integral to healing epigenetic ancestral wounds.

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The Article II Study Commission gave its presentation at the board meeting in January. The commission members talked about how the current list of sources is a list which is always incomplete. The members want to describe how and why something is a source of inspiration, rather than just enumerating them. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, individual congregations and UU communities can hold and value the Seven Principles as a meaningful part of our religious tradition, just as some have adopted the Eighth Principle on their own. My view of the proposal from the Article II Study Commission is that it’s a deepening and expanding of the language of the Seven Principles to include commitments and actions.

They are encouraged to personally consider the nature of ethical choices rather than adhere to strict doctrine. Unitarian Universalism is a highly individualistic religion with no dogma concerning the spiritual nature of the world. As such, different UUs can have radically different ideas concerning the nature of the divine as well as ethical decisions. The second type of giver could be called “Dues Payor.” Fair Share Giving is in this category. We pushed FSG in 2007 and there is still a FSG chart in our electronic pledge packet. The idea is that people basically pay “graduated membership fees” – gifts to the church based on one’s income, trying to make it fair for everyone.

Patrick Magara was born in these hills, the son of a local chief. Until about a decade ago, Magara was the pastor of the Grace Covenant Adventist Church and the spiritual leader of a group of two dozen Seventh-day Adventist churches. He was also general secretary of the East African Christian Alliance, an association of Bible-believing churches of several denominations. In 1999, the Alliance sponsored him as a student at a non-denominational seminary in Philadelphia, where he studied for two years. SuperPagesSM – helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs. Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria.

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Universalists rejected the hellfire and damnation of the evangelical preachers, who tried to revive the fundamentalist Christianity of the early Pilgrim fathers. One community I have not seen discussed in the UU resources I encountered is the B’nei Anusim, descendants of crypto-Jews/Marranos/Conversos. Current books on the B’nei Anusim experience are positioned from an Orthodox Jewish lens . Authors such as Rabbi Stephen Leon operate from an Ashkenazi lens and see the B’nei Anusim as vital to fulfilling the prophecy that Abraham’s descendants would be scattered and as numerous as the stars (Leon, pg. 49-51).

For the Christian theology which includes a central belief in the unitary nature of God, see Unitarianism. For the Christian theology that includes a central belief in universal reconciliation, see Christian Universalism. Continuing in Europe, theologian innovators such as Michael Servetus and Erasmus sought to carve out spaces that would benefit reform Jews, Unitarians inspired by the life of Christ, and those, like the B’nei Anusim, who existed in the margins. Erasmus and Servetus were instrumental in decolonizing the Torah from the New Testament (Ritchie pg. 40 & 41). Through extensive research and documentation, they proved that much of what was said to be a foreshadowing of Jesus’ messianic prophecy was based on additions to holy texts that came centuries after they were initially written. Servetus was particularly keen at deciphering what was rooted in anti-Jewish antisemitic beliefs and what was scripturally founded.

A few miles further south, down a road that winds past a swollen, chocolate-colored river and tin roofs twinkling on the hillside like sequins, the UU congregation of Mlimani has started to implement some of its ambitious plans. Started in 2005, the sixty-member congregation operates a nursery school for 160 pupils and an orphanage that houses seventy-five of those children. UUs in Mlimani raise money by running a bee-keeping operation, a carpentry shop, and a dressmaking store.

In fact, some Kenyan UU leaders joined a recent protest against abortion in front of Kenya’s Parliament. Unitarian Universalist leaders in central Kenya, especially in multi-ethnic urban areas like Nairobi, have used UU teachings to stress the need for congregations to welcome all ethnic groups into their membership. Last year, as part of that effort, the two UU organizations in Kenya—Magara’s Unitarian text chat Universalist Council of Kenya in Kisii and the Kenya Unitarian Universalist Council in central Kenya—agreed to work together under the umbrella of the KUUC. Not far from Kiabugesi, the members of the Mariba Women’s Group were gathered in the home of its founder, Jane Okenyuri, 35. They sell the milk to local residents to pay for the orphanage’s expenses, and they take turns caring for the children.

Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Congregation is a Unitarian Universalist church located in Bethesda, Maryland. The congregation is active in community service and social justice projects. The church is officially a “Welcoming Congregation” following the guidelines of the Unitarian Universalist Association, of which it is a member. Cedar Lane has weekly Sunday services and offers religious education classes for young people during the school year.

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Jesus is considered a great teacher and an example worthy of imitation, but he is not held to be divine. A broader conception of Universalism began to emerge in the 20th century. Although stressing their ties to the Christian tradition, Universalists were exploring the universal elements of religion and seeking closer relationships with non-Christian religions. Religious services are usually held on Sundays and most closely resemble the form and format of Protestant worship in the Reformed tradition.

The Unitarian Universalist Association consists of representatives of the local churches and the districts and seeks to give a continental voice to the movement. Each Universalist church is free to choose its own form of worship. Simple nonliturgical services are most common, with great emphasis put on the sermon. The service also includes hymn-singing, accompanied by organ, piano, or other available instruments, and possibly led by a song leader or choir. The most recent worship songbook published by the denomination, Singing the Journey contains 75 songs and is a supplement to the older Singing the Living Tradition which contains readings as well. Instrumental music is also a common feature of the typical worship service, including preludes, offertory music, postludes, or music for contemplation.

He is seeking about $800 to build a permanent church, hospital, polytechnic school, seminary, and additional dormitories for the orphanage in Mlimani. Over the course of two days, the Magaras took me to a dozen of their Kisii congregations, and hundreds of UU members, alerted by cell phone, were waiting for us. Several of the congregations had prepared detailed written proposals requesting donations of hundreds of dollars to pay for new churches, medical clinics, schools, grain mills, and orphanages.

In order to continue to protect our community, we ask you to ensure that you are up to date on Covid vaccination and boosters and to stay home with our online worship offering if you feel sick at all. Contact the largest original largest millionaire dating site! Meet single millionaire dating sites reviews for millionaires billionaire dating community. Yes, and connect with over 19 years old am not millionaire dating site, with carly spindel starts at great. There are separate movements and organizations who hold to classical Unitarian or Christian universalist Christian theology and neither belong to the Unitarian Universalist Association nor consider themselves Unitarian Universalists. The American Unitarian Conference and the Christian Universalist Association are the two most significant organizations representing these theological beliefs today.

This understanding is closely related to the respect which UUs show each individual person, both in and out of the UU community. It places value on each person as an equal in that everyone has a connection to ‘the sacred’ and through that, a trust is developed. Unitarian Universalist’s egalitarian outlook lends itself to the promotion of democratic organization. As a second ethical statement, UU also endorses action based upon one’s own conscience. Yet, they do agree that ethical behavior should include the notions of justice, equity, and compassion.

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