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The immediate inception of trade with Russia, and normal political relations with the Soviet Republic. The Russian Government was known to be ready to supply to this country large quantities of timber, hide, flax, platinum and gold in payment of extensive supplies which it needed of railway equipment, means of transport, agricultural machinery, implements of all kinds, clothing, boots, and a thousand and one other commodities. This necessitated and justified the immediate conclusion of an effective trade agreement with Russia. Unemployed person not covered by unemployment insurance, and that provision should be made whereby persons at present unemployed, but not covered by the Unemployment Insurance Act, would receive benefits under that Act. Better farming, increased production, organized marketing, less costly transport, lower retail prices of farmers’ supplies and the elimination of profits now taken by unnecessary middlemen. A national scheme of insurance managed on a co-operative basis by agriculturalists themselves is to be established against the risk of unfavourable weather and sudden falls in world prices.

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Previously to that date, a number of resolutions had from year to year been passed, formally as hardy annuals, at the Trades Union Congresses and the Labour Party’s Conferences advocating nationalization of land, railways, mines and the municipalization of a number of services of public utility. But from and after 1918 the matter assumes a different complexion. The furtherance of production, the development of international lines of communication, and the prevention of exploitation by trusts. As an alternative to “the present profit-making capitalistic economic system,” Labour proposes to use for purposes of international trade, an organization on a world-wide basis of the different national Co-operative movements.

But it is exactly for the same motive, namely, for profit, that the worker serves his employer, or, if that is an unacceptable analogy, that a member of a gang of workers serves his fellow-worker who is head of the gang and employing him. There are just as many workmen, indeed more, who are ready to pass off bad work upon their employer as employers prepared to pass off bad work upon the community. —The progressive disintegration of the capitalist system, which has https://thedatingpros.com/ been increasingly taking place during the years of war, and not less during the years of peace following the war, makes it ever more urgent that Labour should assume power in society. In the term Labour we include not merely the manual working wage-earners, but also the intellectual workers of all kinds, the independent handicraftsmen and peasant cultivators, and, in short, all those who co-operate by their exertions in the production of utilities of any kind.

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These are the practical points to which attention should be directed rather than academic definitions. A complete revolution in national finance is overdue, in the opinion of the Labour Party. Too long, it says, has our national finance been regulated on a basis opposed to the teaching of political economy, according to the views of the possessing classes and the desire for profits of the financiers. It opposes taxation calculated to increase the price of food or necessaries of life, and holds that indirect taxation of commodities, whether by customs or excise, should be limited to “luxuries.” It would retain and increase the excess-profits tax and, until nationalization of minerals, the mineral-rights duty. The unearned increment of urban land and mineral values it would divert by taxation wholly into the public exchequer. Death duties would be regraduated and heavily increased, so as to turn into the national coffers all the wealth of every person deceased in excess of a quite moderate amount to be left for family provision.

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Progress would have been much more marked if employers generally had been prepared to press forward more enthusiastically with the constitution of Works’ Committees—they are the crux of the position. It is they which deal directly with the individual worker who is necessarily out of personal touch with the Joint National or District Councils. The next most pressing reform in our present industrial system is to secure for the individual worker a definite status in industry. At present the individual worker complains that the government of industry is conducted by the employer entirely as the latter thinks fit. He calls it the “domination of capital”; he describes himself as treated with scant or no consideration, and undoubtedly he draws all his industrial inspirations from an atmosphere in which there is little apparent development of his human personality.

These Boards covered in all approximately 3 million workpeople. The Trade Boards are independent bodies, though they are financed and staffed by the Ministry of Labour and though their rates are subject, as described above, to confirmation by the Minister. The Minister of Labour has announced his intention to introduce legislation dealing with the recommendations of a Committee appointed in September 1921, under the chairmanship of Lord Cave, to inquire into the working and effect of the Trade Boards Acts (Parliamentary Paper, 1922, Cmd. 1645). A statement of the Government’s new policy appears at p. 286 of the Labour Gazette for July 1922. These facts show the results which have attended the efforts of the Ministry of Labour, acting in tactful co-operation with the employers and employed in various industries, to set up Joint Industrial Councils.

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